Upholstering a Lazyboy Wingback Chair

  1. Get vacuum to suck up all the weird bits that have been hidden in the cushions all these years.
  2. Get a hexagonal bit screwdriver to fit the screws.
  3. Turn chair upside down.
  4. Unscrew farthest out footrest (Footrest1), 4 screws.  Set aside with screws.
  5. Reupholstering a Lazyboy Wingback ChairUnscrew next footrest (Footrest2), 4 screws.  This one is attached with a black fabric dustcover to bottom of the chair, underneath.
  6. With an awl, carefully pry out the hefty staples that are securing the black fabric to the bottom of the chair, on the front edge of the chair only–the black fabric will remain on the bottom of the chair.  This will also take loose the upholstery fabric which attaches to Footrest2, which you should set aside, leaving the fabric flap attached to Footrest2.  The piping along there will also be completely loose.
  7. Unscrew the four largish screws from the bottom wood of the chair that is attaching the 2 arms together underneath the seat.  These screws have washers on them.  This will loosen the entire seat from the arms.
  8. Separate the chair arms from the seat and back.
  9. Lift up the velcro ‘wings’ covering the seat attachment.
  10. Unscrew the 5 screws attaching the mechanism to the seat and the back, on both sides, total 10 screws.  On each side, 2 long screws and 1 short screw are totally removed. and 2 screws remain inside the mechanism.  You have to pull the mechanism straight out from the back.
  11. You now have 3 big pieces, 2 small footrest pieces, 2 metal mechanisms and several screws.
  12. Put screws in their own bag, and then the mechanism and small bag into a bigger ziploc.

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