Pumpkin ArrangementWhen I talk about free-ranging vegetables, the squashes and pumpkins are particularly what I have in mind.  The entire lower field is completely covered in vines and leaves, and I’m very happy with the crop this year.

In the very last FarmShare of the season, I loaded the buckets with lots of different Cucurbita:  Winter Luxury pumpkins, warty older Crookneck squash, Buttercup squash, Pumpkin ArrangementJack-Be-Nimble mini-pumpkins, and Baby Boos.  The crookneck is a summer squash, usually eaten when it’s much smaller; older, it’s a delightfully ugly and interesting gourd.

One of my CSA members kindly emailed her arrangement to me, and I’m dazzled.  I love how it’s contained in the tray, with those extra flowers strategically placed.  I had been using small pine boughs, but I like this even better.

Pumpkin Arrangement

Pumpkin Arrangement




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