Sorry, but we’ve experienced crop failure in the strawberries this August. So unfortunately we won’t be taking orders this year.


MID-SUMMER is the best time to get strawberries!  The weather is much more stable, and the long warm days make for sweetness in the fruit.

strawberry sign

Our strawberries are NOT sprayed with pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.  They are fertilized with organic inputs, otherwise known as manure, and added to the soil before planting. We build the beds carefully in layers, like making lasagne.

Sorry, we do not do U-pick. If you would like an email heads-up for when appointments are open, enter your email address below. We will add you to our distribution list for fresh berry flats. 1 flat is approximately 10 pounds, and will cost $82.50.

    Please type your Email address and phone number in the boxes below.
    Telephone: xxx-xxx-xxxx

    a gorgeous flat of strawberries

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