Sorry, 2019 and 2020 pork has been sold out.

Our pork is pampered with prodigious portions of apples ! Along with Top Shelf feed, our pigs get garden leavings such as split tomatoes, broccoli ends, and their favourite–pumpkins.  Our porkers enjoy a large area to run and root and wallow.

Sides are currently available for pre-order. Some sides are cut up to ease dividing with another family:  hams are smaller, pork chops are 2 per package, sliced bacon is in 1 lb packages.

Unlike supermarket pork, they are never fed chemicals such as ractopamine, which promotes fast weight gain.  No, we grow them slow and natural, with two feedings a day, and lots of snacks in between.

We sell sides by the pound, hanging weight at the butcher, snout to tail.  Sides are generally between 80 – 115 pounds.

Pigs pork
Smoking/curing of bacon, ham, hocks or jowls is approximately $2.00 per pound extra.   Sliced bacon is an extra charge. These are butcher costs simply passed on to you, and can change without notice. Delivery charge outside the Cowichan Valley will depend on distance; most pick up at the farm.

Balance is due upon delivery / pickup; invoices provided.

If you dislike PayPal, we can arrange an EMT or you can drop off a cheque.

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Sweet Berkshire pigs