Send your photo to the address below. Just make sure of a few parameters:

  1. Photo should be a Jpeg (.jpg) format and attached in a separate file.
  2. Cameras vary. For the purposes of these photos:
    • Lower resolution is better than higher resolution.
    • If you’re taking a photo toward a window, wait for a cloudy day. If it’s an interior shot, wait for a bright day.
    • Try not to get too much ceiling or floor in the photo.
    • Don’t date stamp your photo–it interferes with the labeling.
  3. Your photo must be of your department.
  4. You can put yourself or other staff in the photo if they agree, but please try not to include any patrons.
  5. Tell me the branch/library name, city/town/county, and province or state (whatever applicable).
  6. I will label the photo with location and any pertinent information you would ike.  If staff is in the photo, I’ll add their names to the caption.
  7. I will place a single photo of each location’s department in the gallery. That is, one Teen and one Children’s from each branch location, so make it your best shot, or the area you’re most proud of.

Click here to send an e-mail with your digital photo enclosed to:
the PUBYAC Webmaster