Which Colour to Paint the Pillars?

Being confined to the house due to inclement weather, I decided to play with the colours of the pillars at the head of the driveway.

I’ve done nothing to these neglected sentinels, other than being grateful they are not in the shape of lions or griffins.  But they are looking scruffy.

Pillars at entrance

Orginal–and boring–but possibly tasteful, colour of pillars

My colour palette choices are:

  • the blue of the round gate (the colour of California bluebells)
  • the blue of the farmstand roof (a lighter blue)
  • the red of the buildings and the vegetable signs (Raspberry Truffle)
  • a dark green (forest green?  darker?  lighter?)
  • yellow
  • the existing color of mauve-ish, which could shade into burgundy or even brown
  • maybe another colour that’s obvious, but I can’t think of, and am totally willing to discuss

I want the tableau of stand, pillar, and signs to look tasteful, but eye-catching.  Keeping in mind that the red signs will be out there, and the farmstand will have white trim, I’m worried about garishness.  It has to work in both summer and winter.

I’m really bad at this kind of thing.  Decorating is SO not my forte’.  So SUGGESTIONS WELCOME !!!!!

To get you started, I’ve Photoshopped the pillars with different ideas.  But again, I’m quite terrible at thinking about colour, so any help is welcome.
Pillars original

green with red top

green with yellow top

red with yellow top

red with green top

red with blue top

green with blue top

green with original top

blue with original top


alternate view with green pillar
























Leave your opinion below. I need all the help I can get!

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