Most Unique Payment Ever

Satchel1Today the Shire received its most creative FarmShare payment ever.

Last night I came home quite late from a day of baby rocking, and found this intriguing message on my answering machine:  “I have a small bag of money for you. I’d like to hand it to you sometime.”  I had to listen to it several times to hear that yes, the gentleman did indeed say “bag of money.”

Then this afternoon, James and Susan showed up in my driveway.  They had studied the Island Shire website, and having also read The Hobbit by J R R Tolkien, had an appreciation for the literary aspect of this whole project.

James indeed was holding a bag, which to me looked more like a leather satchel.  He handed it to me, and it clinked–like a bag full of money.  Susan undid the drawstring for me, because I just wasn’t sure about the whole experience. Satchel3 What is the protocol when someone hands you a satchel heavy with coins?

Inside, a mysterious little rolled parchment note, tied with a leather thong.  On it, inscribed in flowing calligraphy, Bilbo’s first riddle:

So absolutely cool.  What a lot of thought and time went into getting this payment together.  They even scoured thrift stores to find just the right kind of satchel!

Just WOW.

Yes, there’s still time to join the 2015 CSA FarmShare. We accept EMT, cheques, PayPal….or satchels!!!!

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