Here is a digest of the “Voted with Words” messages that many PUBYACkers sent as part of the fundraising effort in July 2006. Thanks for sharing how PUBYAC has helped in your work.

Just today I suggested that a new director facing a problem in her children’s area sign up on PUBYAC. This listserv represents the very best about library science and about children’s librarians. I am proud to have been part of the listserv from way back and while other listservs have dropped away from my inbox, I could not do without PUBYAC. Thank you for supporting PUBYAC.

Lu Benke
Children’s Services Lead Librarian
Fort Collins Public Library
201 Peterson
Fort Collins, CO 80524


I joined PUBYAC five years ago when I was first considering a career as a children’s librarian and I’ve been an avid reader ever since. I’ve learned just as much from PUBYAC as I have from my library school courses and I expect that I’ll be turning to this resource for many years to come.

Please continue to support this valuable resource.

Robin Fosdick
MLIS student, San José State University


Prairienet has made it possible for me to be involved with children’s and YA librarians across the country – sharing best practices, programs and services; solving problems and engaging in lively dialogue to create libraries that serve the needs of kids and families.  Our community has benefited time and time again with improved services and programs that I’ve learned about through PUBYAC, one of the listservs on Prairienet.  Our dedicated moderator, Shannon VanHemert has shepherded an outstanding listserv that Prairienet makes possible.  Thanks for everything form this librarian in the trenches!
Marge Loch-Wouters
Head of Children’s Services
Menasha Public Library
440 First St
Menasha, WI 54952
920 967-5166 ex 700


PUBYAC has been invaluable to me over the past couple of years. I turn to it constantly for programming ideas, to hear what librarians thoughts are on certain issues, and to get a sense of what librarians are encountering in other parts of the country (or the world!).


When patrons come in with a few snatches of plot from a book they remember from their childhood (what we Pubyaccers call “stumpers.”), PUBYAC often comes to the rescue, with the librarians on the list solving the mystery (and extremely quickly, I might add). Don’t even get me started on the bibliographies that we either have contributed to and/or have benefited from by way of sharing information through PUBYAC. Often I’ll find something that is helpful just by browsing: ideas to store away and use later.


PUBYAC is an amazing resource that combines so much of value.


Thank you for hosting it.


Erica Dean Glenn

Children’s Librarian

Berkeley, CA


****Opinions expressed here are mine.****





Just a quick note to let you know that I am a better library professional because of the PUBYAC listserv.  I can offer more interesting programs to local children and bring more of them into the library because of the fabulous ideas shared on this listserv.  It feels wonderful to belong to such a helpful and dedicated community of professionals.



Lesley Parsons

Ontario, Canada



I am a long-time subscriber to the Prairienet list for children’s librarians, PUBYAC.

It is a valuable resource for many reasons.  My programming for children has benefited from this listserv many times over the years.  News, views, and ideas are very much read and appreciated. It has truly made a difference in our service.

The moderator does a miraculous job keeping it all up and running smoothly.  She is to be commended highly!

I hope that our library will make a monetary donation soon.  Good luck on your fundraising efforts.

Ellen Finan
Warren-Trumbull County Public Library
444 Mahoning Ave. NW
Warren, OH   44483


I am currently on the PubYAC list. I have been a member for over three years, finding the information posted and contacts made to be of great value. I am a youth librarian who is always looking for help with programming ideas and information about current trends in children’s and teen librarianship. I am able to get much of that information through PubYAC. Please continue to offer this valuable service.

Peggy Hemerling
Youth Librarian
Hastings Public Library
Hastings, MI


What I’ve learned from PUBYAC is incredible. Thank you so much. Linda Armstrong


To Whom It May Concern,

I recently received my Masters in Information and Library Science, and I could not have completed my coursework without PUBYAC.

As a student in several children’s and young adult services courses, I frequently turned to PUBYAC participants for suggestions and input as I completed studies on Summer Reading Programs or planned sample programs.  Since I am new to the library field, I was somewhat hesitant to jump into such an established discussion group, but I quickly found that those involved in libraries with our without experience are welcome on PUBYAC.

Additionally, as a public library employee, I am frequently called upon to gather information about other public libraries, and the best, most effective way to do this is to send out a call to PUBYAC.  Projects which have been completed include a survey of public library’s children’s webpages and a list of recommended children’s authors for an author’s event.

PUBYAC has saved me hours of potentially fruitless research and allows me to feel that I am part of a community of librarians.

Please do continue to support Prairienet and PUBYAC.  Librarians, library employees and library school students thrive in ths community setting, and this service is truly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sarah Krygier, MLIS


As a youth services librarian, PUBYAC has been an invaluable resource.  It’s the equivalent of having a national conference of professional librarians on a daily basis!  I can ask questions of my peers about any aspect of children’s and young adult library services and get useful responses.  I can also get programming ideas, help with hard-to-find books, ideas for bulletin boards, decorations, furniture – it helps with almost every aspect of being a public librarian.  I would never want to do without it!

Becky Ann Smith
Youth Services Librarian
Logan Library
255 N Main
Logan, UT 84321


This service has proven very valuable to me as a fairly new Youth Services Librarian.  I have recieved countless workable ideas from this list, and my collegues that have enriched the experiences of the patrons at my library.

Working as the only Youth Services Librarian in my small system, this listserve gives me contact and valuable ideas and input, that I would otherwise be cut off from.
Please continue to provide this very valuable service that directly impacts young library patrons all over the country.
You impact young readers with every issue!
(yep I put my money where my mouth is too!)

Beth Revers
Youth Services Librarian
DeWitt Public Library


I have been reading PUBYAC for many years, and it keeps me from being isolated in a library where there are only 1 1/2 of us in Children’s Services. It brings me daily lots of new ideas to stretch my brain, helpful how-to’s, invaluable support, exposes me to all sides of issues that crop up in Children’s work… I consider PUBYAC vital to my continuing education (which after 35 years since earning my MLS is ever so important) and to my love for librarianship.
I have snail mailed $25. Hooray for Prairienet! Keep on keeping on.
Sharon McDonald
Head of Children’s Services
Bedford Free Public Library, Bedford, MA


I am writing from Australia.  PUBYAC is a popular listserv with quite a few of my Australian colleagues and as a much smaller nation with fewer children’s librarians in practice it provides a fantastic opportunity to participate in a much broader community of practice.

Australians often talk about the tyranny of distance, being so far from Europe and the USA but elists like PUBYAC allow us to share ideas, issues, keep up with trends and activities and generally fills an important place in the on-going professional development of children’s and youth services library staff.

regards, Mylee
[Australian Library and Information Association – Children’s and Youth Services Group]

Mylee Joseph
Public Library Services
State Library of NSW
p: 9273 1521  f: 9273 1244


Dear Prairienet folks, I have subscribed to PUBYAC for several years – since I was in library school in the late 90s – and it has been an invaluable source for ideas and advice about books, programs, and more.
Thank you for providing this wonderful resource.
Amadee Ricketts
Youth Services Librarian
McMIllan Memorial Library
Wisconsin Rapids, WI


I am a long-time subscriber to PUBYAC and I find it invaluable for my work as a Youth Services Librarian. The ideas i get for books, programs, and library services are very, very helpful. Thanks!

Laurel Sharp
Liverpool Public Library
310 Tulip Street
Liverpool, NY 13088


I am studying to be a librarian and one of my professors required her students to join PUBYAC. This annoyed me at first because I wasn’t too keen on receiving vast amounts of unsolicited e-mails. However, I quickly came to appreciate the professionalism and level of dedication this group represents. The class finished months ago but I have continued my participation with this invaluable resource. Their level of sharing is astounding and although I don’t add my own comments to the boards very often, I read every posting for new information and approaches. Thanks for supporting this type of community and encouraging all of us to thrive in our professions. I have made a donation to show my support for your assistance. Thanks!

Linda T.


The PUBYAC listserv is an essential tool for my daily work. It provides a way for my colleagues and I to communicate and converse about our profession across the country, as well as across the continents ( I have seen posts from librarians in Spain as well as Australia). My patrons have been incredibly impressed by the information I am able to quickly gather from colleagues around the globe. It is a relief to know that if I am stumped, someone (or more likely, several people) on PUBYAC will surely know the answer to a patron’s query.

Randi Levy
Children’s Librarian
New York Society Library
PUBYAC subscriber since 2003


I have been a subscriber to Pubyac for many years now.  I originally subscribed before I became a professional librarian so this listserv has been with me as I worked on my library science degree, got my first professional position and then my first professional promotion.  I turn to the listserv daily for program ideas, news on what’s happening in the library profession, have my stumpers answered and sometimes just to see what everyone else is up to.  Fellow subscribers are knowledgeable, friendly, creative and genuinely want to help.  The benefits to belonging to this listserv are immeasurable, in my opinion.  We all draw from each others’ strengths and have such a deep river of experience to dip into.  I feel I have thousands of friends that I have never even met.  We are bound together by a common goal to enrich the lives of children through quality literature.  Please continue to provide this invaluable service.

Ann LaGumina
Youth Services Outreach Librarian
Las Vegas-Clark County Library District
833 Las Vegas Blvd., N.
Las Vegas, NV  89101


Pubyac is a valued part of  my professional work experience. I rely on keeping up to date, hearing about what is happening in the profession and sharing views with others– all without leaving my office.

Jane Venus
Manager, Children and Youth Services
Chef de service, services aux enfants et à la jeunesse
Ottawa Public Library
120 Metcalfe St.
Ottawa Ontario


I have been a member of this listserv for at least 7 years. It is the only list I have stayed on because it is moderated well, has been a great tool to use for sharing ideas, getting opinions from others in varied locations, and a wonderful way to get bib lists and program ideas easily. Thanks so much for your support.
Denise Brooks
Information Services Librarian
Wheat Ridge Library
5475 W.32 Ave
Wheat Ridge, Co. 80212


Pubyac is one best things that has happened to my many years as a children’s librarian. In my older years I have the same enthusiasm for children’s librarianship I’ve always had, but it’s harder to think of new and exciting ideas to use in my children’s room. And having 33 years experience as a children’s librarian, I enjoy answering (or trying to answer) the stumpers. I am thankful for all the librarians who communicate through PUBYAC and to prairienet for giving us a place to do it.

Peggy Salwen


I just have to tell you how much PUBYAC means to me. I’m a shiny new children’s librarian (just since March) but I never took any youth services classes in library school. My Youth Services Coordinator recommended PUBYAC as a great place to learn about children’s services from the pros, and boy, was she right! I have learned so much from reading the posts every day. I really appreciate all you do to make this wonderful list possible. Thank you so much!

Chris LeMieux, Youth Services Librarian
Hillyard, Indian Trail Branches
Spokane Public Libraries
4005 N Cook
Spokane, WA 99207


I’m writing to say that my job as Children’s Services Coordinator would be much harder without PUBYAC.  The suggestions and ideas that come through PUBYAC are indispensable and since the listserve has been a part of Prairienet things have been even better.  I really appreciate everything Prairienet has done for PUBYAC and hope the relationship can continue. Many thanks,

Bonnie Janssen
Children’s Services Coordinator
Alameda County Library
2450 Stevenson Blvd
Fremont, CA 94538


I am a new children’s librarian and the PUBYAC mailing list on prairienet gives me access to the knowledge, experience and problem solving skills of a huge network of librarians. This benefits not only me, but my whole department when I can share the information I get from the men and women of PUBYAC. In turn, this benefits our library patrons, by helping us to provide superior service to our community.

Echo Galbraith Allen|
Henderson Libraries


To whom it may concern,

I am writing in support of the PUBYAC listserve, and in support of Shannon Van Hemert, PUBYAC’s moderator. PUBYAC has been a great source of information, and inspiration to me over the past 10 or 15 years. It is a fantastic resource on which children’s and young adult librarians can converse and give ideas for programs, help each other with reference stumpers, and commiserate together on how all of our patrons can do some of the same things that irk librarians. PUBYAC is also a great resource for bibliographies on particular subjects. It is also really neat that there are librarians from all around the world, not just the United States, who subscribe to PUBYAC.
Thank you, Prairienet, for giving PUBYAC so much support! I know PUBYAC could not survive without you! Thank you again!!


Patricia M. Rose
Children’s Librarian
Wright Memorial Public Library
Dayton, OH 45419


Working as a children’s librarian is unfortunately, often a thankless job.  You work long hours, under stressful circumstances for low salary.  Most of us do it because we truly love our jobs and we love working with children.  But there are those days every now and then, when you just have to wonder “why?”.  In my opinion, PUByac, more than anything else has served as a motivator to get me through those days.  If I am ever having a low point I simply sign on to PUByac and read about all the exciting things that other librarians are doing at their library and that gets me pumped back up for my job.  There is no other resource that can produce this same effect for me.

Not only does PUByac provide a great sense of camaraderie, but it also provides us with ideas. As youth services librarians we are constantly expected to come up with creative and interesting ideas RIGHT NOW!  While this is not always possible, PUByac has made it a lot closer to reality.  If ever I know of an event coming up and I have no idea what to do, I can search the archives, or I can post a “help needed” message and be assured that my cries for help will be heard.  There have been countless times when PUByac has really saved my bacon!

Thank you for providing such a wonderful service.  This truly is no other list like it, and it really has changed the way I work.

Lexie Robinson
Youth Services Librarian
Madison Public Library


PUBYAC is just an invaluable resource.  It is such a community of people committed to providing quality library services to children and youth.  And, these are some of THE most creative people out there.  I don’t know where I’d go without it;I just value it so much and consider it a part of my work life.

Sarah K. McClure
Central Arkansas Library System
6325 Baseline Drive
Little Rock, AR


Just to let you know how invaluable PUBYAC has been to me during the past 11 years and thanks to PrarieNet for providing this organization space on their server.

It is an awesome opportunity to connect with other librarians across the country in regard to many issues/ problems that exist in the world of libraries. Often people give an interesting alternative view on a topic which requires extensive discussion.

At other times,it is an answer to a STUMPER. Personally, I remembered pieces of a book from my childhood–but not the author/nor the title. PUBYAC responded with both and I was able to obtain an out-of- print copy of my favorite childhood book.

We are in the process of presenting an expansion vote. PUBYAC gave many good ideas to think about when presenting to the public, renovation concerns and questions about changing policies.

I cannot imagine having the opportunity to entertain a large forum in another venue.

Thank you again.

Ms. Bonnie Mazzaferro
Young Adult Librarian
Cutchogue-New Suffolk Library
Cutchogue, LI, New York

I wanted to lend my voice of strong support for the Prairienet system and tell you briefly how the pubyac listserv helps me in my work in the Hudson River Valley of NYS. I have been a subscriber to pubyac almost from its inception in he 1990’s and have found it to be one of the most important ongoing resources in the field. From the time I was a non-degreed library director in a tiny community library, through my years in grad school until now, as I work to help youth services librarians in 70 libraries provide better service to young people, pubyac has always been there with valuable information and support. Many of our libraries have either one person on staff or only a part-time, untrained person providing library service to young people. Because they all subscribe to our local listserv, I can share the many great ideas I see on pubyac with them, saving them the time they would have to take individually to sift through all the messages. since librarians from all over the country subscribe to pubyac, from huge urban libraries to tiny ones, the range of experience and expertise fits all situations.

Please continue to support Prairienet and thank you for offering this wonderful service, not only to your local community but around the country. It is very much appreciated!

Margaret M. Keefe
Coordinator of Youth Services
Mid-Hudson Library System
103 Market Street
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
Phone: 845-471-6060 X35
FAX: 845-454-5940



I’m writing to thank you for hosting the PUBYAC listserv and to tell you how much it means to me. It is one of the most valuable resources I’ve found. I”m relatively new to the field and just got my own children’s room to run a few months ago. The library is understaffed and sometimes isolating, but well used by the public and local schools. Sometimes I don’t have anyone else around familiar with youth issues so it’s very good to have an online community of colleagues to talk to about issues, ask for advice, and compare ideas with.

People here can get caught up in the rules of our own peculiar system and the PUBYAC listserv gives me a chance to hear many many outside perspectives. It’s helped me make my children’s room a better functioning place, given me great ideas of activities and procedures that have worked for other people, and given me great insight into the profession. Much greater insight, actually, than I could get in library school or work experience, because it’s connected me with so many wonderful people from different library systems in different states and countires. It’s like a big ongoing conference I can check in with everyday.

I know I’m gushing, but I really do appreciate it so much and it has really made a big difference in both my work and my understanding of the profession.

Thank you,
Jill Rothstein
New York Public Library


Pubyac has been an invaluable resource to me, particularly in my situation where tight staffing and limited staff development dollars make it very difficult for any of us to get to professional gatherings.  I glean all sorts of information regarding collection development, programming, and current issues from reading the postings on Pubyac.  It is my chief source of such information.  I am sending a contribution in today toward the continued support of Pubyac on Prairienet.  Please continue to host it.

Mary Karshner
Young Adult/Youth Services Librarian
Royal Oak Public Library
222 E. Eleven Mile Road
Royal Oak, MI 48067
Telephone: 248 246 3734

Hi there. I thought it was important to let you know how often I use PubYac at work and how it has affected the job I do.

I work in a large urban centre and graduated from Library school 25 years ago.

I have knowledge and experience gleaned from many years working on the front lines and I gladly share this with other library staff on the listserv.

But there is more. I stay on top of new trends, learn in detail what it is like in smaller libraries/other places and my skills as a librarian has grown from that. Whether in a large library or small, it is easy to fall into a rut or to assume that because I do it *this* way, then that is the best way to do that.  These assumptions are constantly questioned by what I read on PubYAC.

Furthermore when I start something that is new, to me or to our system, asking other children’s librarians for help, gains me a flood of emails from around the world.

I live in Canada, and what I read is sometimes U.S. centric enough that it doesn’t apply to my job but that is seldom.

I’ve subscribed to Pubyac for at least 8-9 years now, I really don’t know what I would do without it.

Sheilah O’Connor
Gateway Librarian, Kids’ Space Gateway project
5120 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario, M2N 5N9
Tel: 416 395 0791 Fax: 416 395 5429

I wanted to thank you for hosting PUBYAC all these years. I also want to tell you that it makes finding stumpers so much easier and our patrons think we are wonders. I get many tips on different kinds of storytimes and I also just enjoy hearing the sorts of things that other librarians are dealing with. Thank you for your help in making my job just a little bit easier.

Mary Schrader
Oakland (CA) Public Library

Thank you so much for providing this discussion forum. It has been so meaningful to connect with libraries nationwide and learn of similar needs and problems. In addition, programming ideas generated in this group have been used in my location and shared with others in the library system. Thank you again.

Gail Kirby, Youth Specialist
Stone Mountain-Sue Kellogg Branch
DeKalb County Public Library
952 Leon St
Stone Mountain, GA 30083

As one who does the job of a children’s librarian without an MLS, I can’t tell you how important PUBYAC has been to me. It has given me invaluable advice, ideas, and information. It has kept me in touch with other librarians, both in this country and around the world. It lets me know what’s normal, what’s innovative, what works and what doesn’t in other libraries. It’s an education in itself and I could not do this job nearly so well without it! Thank you!
Pat Jones

I am a total lover and supporter of PUBYAC because it is a fantastic way for librarians across the country to exchange ideas. I have used PUBYAC frequently for ideas about programs or asking questions that I need help with. As a 2003 graduate of GSLIS, I was involved with Prairienet because of the networking class that Martin Wolske taught there. I was very impressed with everyone there, and I certainly hope that Prairienet and PUBYAC will continue to live on.

Melanie Lyttle

To the Powers That Be:

I’ve been a member only for about the last 2 years, but, oh, what a time it’s been! I don’t know if I could do my job as well without Pubyac. From stumpers to program ideas to advice and support, Pubyac has been an invaluable resource. I use it all the time because I know that if I’m having a problem, someone somewhere else has gone through it too which gives me the ability to learn from what they have done. The program suggestions alone that I’ve received from Pubyac have made this a tremendous resource for me. Why reinvent the wheel? The best thing about Pubyac is that it creates a community of librarians around the world who can through the listserv keep up with professional trends, get answers, help, resources, advice and when necessary a place to vent and commiserate. I’m a better librarian for it.


Charity Huechteman
Brentwood Library
Springfield, MO

I’ve been a Children’s Librarian for less than a year, so I can’t cite examples of how pubyac has helped me and my community over the years.  I can, however, express my gratitude for the security and comfort provided by the fact that I know I can tap into the vast well of shared knowledge, advice, and support the members of pubyac offer each other.  I could go on and on about how great it is to find a list of pirate activities, or advice on how to run toddler story times, but in a nutshell, pubyac is a terrific resource I depend on and enjoy.

Peggy McCarthy
Children’s Services Librarian
Peabody Public Library
Columbia City, IN


As a new (and the only) children’s librarian in a very small town (500) PUBYAC has helped me stay connected to a community of children’s librarians I did not know existed. Being able to read what is “happening” in bigger libraries and garnering ideas from so many places is invaluable to a librarian with a limited budget. There have been innumerous times when I have read about something on PUBYAC that I have not heard of here and then later been able to answer questions and speak knowledgeably about that subject. Being the only person in my department, it is nice to be able to listen to conversations and ideas from children’s librarians with much more experience than me. I have learned so much!!

Thank you,

Maria Wolowiec
Children’s Librarian
Benzonia Public Library
Benzonia, MI

To Whom It May Concern,

Please renew Prairienet services!  As a new children’s librarian, it was overwhelming to walk into a library and have to know what to do.  I’d worked as a librarian in other positions, but this was my first with kids.  PUBYAC has literally saved me stress, time, and money.  I remember the first time I felt confident enough to answer a PUBYAC question–it’s a fantastic community and a resource that we can’t develop in other ways.  I have very little contact with other children’s librarians in my area (not for lack of trying) and I feel like I have a huge professional community across the world through PUBYAC.

Here are some ways I have used the listserv:

Fielding responses from other librarians regarding policies on: photographic release forms, computer reservation systems, adults in the kids’ sections

Getting the experience of others regarding collection development: how do libraries shelve series fiction, early readers, picture books, what are great new mysteries, finding hard to find autobiographies for young kids, roll of the reference section

Borrowing ideas for programming: Harry Potter parties, chocolate parties, storytime songs, library tour books, Mother and Father’s day crafts

Answering patron stumpers: squirrel series from the 70’s, Serendipity series, kids acting out in school

Destressing regarding: overly helpful parents, general job-related aches and pains, discussions about the merit/theory/philosophy behind what we do, great new books to read

I hope that funding will continue, and I will send along my pittance.  Please, please, please, keep this great resource!  Feel free to use my name and contact me if necessary.

Jennifer Inglis
Youth Services Librarian
The Millicent Library
PO Box 30
Fairhaven MA 02710
t: (508) 992-5342
f: (508) 993-7288

I just wanted to say how helpful Pubyac has been to me throughout my career as a librarian.  When patrons come in looking for a particular book and none of us can find it, I can turn to Pubyac and get an answer.  When we are thinking of starting a new program or service, I can turn to Pubyac and get feedback from others who have done something similar.

Libraries are unique as a business or service, because we don’t compete with each other.  Librarians are extremely helpful, not only to our patrons, but to each other.  Some librarians, like me, are lucky enough to work with a number of other librarians, but even that doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from the knowledge and experience of other librarians.  And some librarians are isolated, maybe the only person on the entire staff doing programs for children.  They need Pubyac even more.

I am very grateful to Prairienet for hosting Pubyac.  I can’t imagine what we would all do with it.
Monica Anderson
Youth Services Librarian
Grace A. Dow Memorial Library
Midland Michigan


I am very grateful to Prairienet for supporting PUBYAC. It has greatly helped me in performing my job as a Children’s Librarian in a small branch in Nashville, Tennessee. This huge community of professionals has given me many program ideas, as well as ways of dealing with day-to-day situations.

Linda Anderson
Inglewood Branch Library
Nashville, TN 37216


PUBYAC has been an excellent resource for me in my job. It has been very helpful service where I can collaborate and share ideas with other youth librarians across the country. I’ve posted and have gotten responses to my querries and visa versa. Please continue to support this great resource!

Thank you.

Janet Weber, MLIS
Youth Services Librarian
Tigard Public Library
13500 SW Hall Blvd.
Tigard, OR 97223-8192
503-684-6537 x2653


Our PUBYAC moderator, Shannon VanHemert, has asked the members to send you email explaining why they value PUBYAC and Prairienet in general.

As a long-time user of PUBYAC I can attest that it is one of my most valuable resources. It is valuable in many ways:

  1. as a resource for program ideas
    2. to share gripes and, more importantly, solutions to problems that plague the Youth department
    3. to give feedback to aspiring or novice librarians
    4. to receive feedback from experienced librarians (I’ve been at this 7 years, and I still feel like a novice some days)
    5. as a networking forum–librarians, especially the isolated ones, need to know others like them are out there
    6. to get a broader perspective–your library or system may be doing something one way, but when you discover other libraries have a vast array of alternatives, you find ways to think outside the box

If you need only one reason why I value PUBYAC, it is because it is my single most valuable source of information on Youth library services.

And I hope it remains that way.

Nancy Devlin
Head of Children’s Services
Eisenhower Public Library

I’m the only full time employee employed by our small public library. In addition to reading journals to choose books, ordering books, taking care of the library bills and filling out reports, managing the circulation desk, providing reader advisory, keeping the computers all up and running, writing grants, etc., children’s programming is my responsibility. PUBYAC has greatly helped me in my search for appropriate books to share with the children, as well as library activities to go with different themes. Preschool Storytime is offered in our library two times each Tuesday during the school year. An After-School Library Program for school age children is held each month during the school year. Right now we are in the middle of the Summer Reading Program, Paws, Claws, Scales and Tales. We have over 120 children enrolled in the Summer Reading Program, which is planned for children from preschool to 5th grade. Last summer we had our first Summer Reading Program for Young Adults. This year we have 48 middle and high school students enrolled in our Young Adult Summer Reading Program.

I always look forward to PUBYAC messages because they often contain helpful book lists and activities that I can use for children’s programming. I can’t do it all! PUBYAC helps me stay afloat! We all benefit when people share their knowledge. Thanks!

Linda Eatherton
Montgomery City Public Library
Montgomery City, MO
You all have no idea how much we Librarians in the field depend on Pubyac for almost daily help.  Being able to talk/ask advice from and get help with “stumpers” from other Librarians makes all of us look like wizards to our patrons, and the help we receive from each other in planning storytimes, outreach and programs has made all of our jobs so much easier and more productive. I personally use the archives frequently also, for booklists, program ideas and advice.
Helen Mochetti
Westerly (RI) Public Library


Just wanted to say how much I value PUBYAC and how grateful I am that you host it for us.  I have been a public librarian for over ten years now, but have been in Youth Services for less than one year.  I signed on to PUBYAC the first month and it has been an invaluable resource for me to feel supported, connected, and a part of a youth-serving community.  It is at this point my only national listserv and I wouldn’t give it up for anything.  Thanks for devoting the resources to supporting it for me and my colleagues.

Cindy Simerlink
Teen Librarian
Huber Heights Branch Library
Dayton Metro Library
Dayton, Ohio

Without Prairenet and PUBYAC, half of my programs would not have been possible or, at the least, would not have been nearly as successful.  This community of librarians is always helpful for testing out ideas, getting actual programming components, sharing resources, and supporting each other.  Please continue to support this valuable resource!
Jodi J. Wingler, MLS
Manager, Youth Services
Danville Public Library
101 South Indiana Street
Danville, IN 46122


PUBYAC is a lifesaver for me! I am the only MLIS librarian (except our director) in our county system. I am the first and only librarian dedicated solely to children’s and young adult services. This is also my first professional level library position, so I don’t have a lot of experience to help me build my children’s & young adult services from the ground up. The next closest MLIS children’s librarians work in a city 50 miles away from my employer – so I am geographically and professionally isolated, in a semi-rural, economically challenged area.

So, it should be pretty obvious why I love PUBYAC. It is the only way I can connect easily with my colleagues in the trenches. There is no other resource I have that is so ready to help with such a wide range of experience, library size, and geographic location. Whenever I have a problem I don’t know how to solve or need inspiration or ideas, my fellow “pubyaccers” are the people I turn to. Thank you so much for providing this service. The impact you make is not necessarily a tangible one, but it is huge nonetheless.

Melissa Platkowski
Children’s Services Librarian
Stephenson Public Library
1700 Hall Ave.
Marinette, WI 54143
Phone: 715-732-7570

Dear Folks,
Thanks so much for all you’ve done to support public librarianship over the years.
I have benefited immensely from the sharing of ideas that goes on here on PUBYAC. When I’m short on money or ideas for teen or children’s programming, my fellow librarians on this listserv have come through for me.
I sort of fell into being a children’s librarian in a public library and this listserv basically served as a classroom where I learned how to put on a storytime for 2 and 3-year-olds, how to start a teen advisory board, how to make puppets, where the websites are for a pirate program, etc.
Please continue your wonderful service to us.
Mary H. Burns,
Head, Youth Services,
West Boynton Branch Library,
Palm Beach County Library System
9451 Jog Rd.
Boynton Beach, FL  33437
(561) 734-5556 ext. 215


PUBYAC is an invaluable resource connecting children’s librarians from all over North America and the world. It provides access to the problem solving skills and experience of literally thousands of year of librarianship. It helps each individual provide the information to our customers no matter how large or small our library or our budget. Whether your customer is looking for a treasured book from their childhood, resources to help cope with a recent traumatic or happy event in their life or some recommended reading, someone on the list can help. Suffering from storytime burnout, latchkey kid frustrations, lack of support from administration – PUBYAC can be your support helping the individual and in turn their library system.

Thanks to Prairienet for their ongoing support of this essential network for children’s & youth librarians! It is truly appreciated and valued.

Andrea Gordon
Manager, Children’s & Youth Services
Burlington Public Library
2331 New Street
Burlington, ON
L7R 1J4


I don’t know what I’d do without PUBYAC. I depend on it every day for ideas, help, encouragement. The feeling that I am part of an international community is very empowering.

Toni Reese
Youth Services Librarian
Sump Memorial Library
222 N. Jefferson St.
Papillion NE 68046

Dear Administrators at GSLIS,

Thank you for sponsoring the PUBYAC listserv since 1999.  Youth Services librarians from all over the USA and elsewhere have benefited greatly from this service.   It has enabled us to share ideas & knowledge, discuss and solve common problems, disperse information to associates, and make friends with other librarians who live far away.  I hope that PUBYAC and Prairienet will continue this association for a long time!

Martha Simpson,
Head of Children’s Services
Stratford Library Association
2203 Main Street
Stratford, CT 06615


As a new children’s librarian in a small rural library, PUBYAC was an indispensable resource. It is a great tool for any youth services librarian and is especially important to librarians that are in isolated areas. It is a place to ask for help, see what others are doing, and toget new ideas and inspiration. The archive is excellent.

Sherry Tinerella
Sandwich District Library
Sandwich, Illinois

I cannot imagine life without PUBYAC!  I have gotten answers I thought were impossible to find…  I have gotten great programming ideas…  And I have been able to share with others as well…  Nothing but PUBYAC (short of a miracle, I suppose) could help me keep up with public library program ideas, new books, and ALA news as quickly and easily…  Thanks a million for keeping us afloat!
Chrissie Morrison
Tween Librarian
East Greenbush Community Library
East Greenbush, NY


The PubYAC forum is an extremely useful resource. I teach at the Pratt SILS and read PubYAC regularly as a way of seeing what public libraries around the country offer in the way of programs and services for children and teens. I also recommend that my students subscribe during the semester that we examine programs and services for youth. Thank you for hosting this important resource for library staff around our country.

Ellen Loughran

This service is beyond words. Just being able to put out a question or a subject and having hundreds of other brains out there to respond it tremendous.

I have been on the asking and receiving end may times. I personally have been able to help my fellow librarians also.

Thank you for this great resource.

Rebecca Rau
Children’s Librarian
Lincoln Heritage Public Library