Wish List

Entwives try to economize on materials.  If you know of availability of any of the following items in good used condition, please see the Contact Page.

  • boxes of canning lids, regular or wide-mouth.  No Gem!
  • pint or half-liter glass official canning jars. No quarts, no Gem sizes.
  • weather vane, for chicken coop, for cuteness sake.
  • Earthway Garden Seeder, like this, 2 or 3 even. These can be ganged….
  • egg washing machine, similar to this
  • large cooler, 48 quarts-ish, like this
  • pitchfork
  • smoker, for bacon or salmon.  Electric.
  • T-post puller
  • farm jack
  • concrete blocks, double hole.  Always useful.
  • T posts, any size.  Always useful.
  • large brooder heater for baby chicks, about 2 or 3 feet long.  I had one, but the element finally gave out and can’t be replaced.
  • Extension cords–the thicker tough workman type.
  • ALUMINUM corrugated roofing–some holes are OK.  Must be aluminum because of weight restrictions.  Pieces should be 4-8 feet long.
  • bright red tablecloth, minimum 7 feet wide x 10 feet long, for market table
  • red gingham place mats