How a FarmShare (CSA) Works

A FarmShare, (otherwise called InTheBeans Community Supported Agriculture) is a partnership between you and the farmer that puts naturally, locally grown food directly onto your table. Crops are sold in advance to you, the shareholder, who then receives a portion of the harvest weekly during the growing season.  The farmer gets to communicate with the shareholders regularly via email, with the upcoming week’s vegetable share and recipes to match.

The Island Shire Omnivore’s Delight FarmShare is a little different than many CSAs: in addition to vegetables, we provide chicken and eggs. It’s a more holistic way to eat from the farm, yet allows you flexibility with your favourite recipes, because we offer fewer, but “every-day” veggies.  And you don’t get overwhelmed by too many squash.

Plus, purchase of a share makes you a Choice Customer, which guarantees you one dozen eggs weekly through the winter until next season’s start.

Our goal is to put perfectly ripe, tasty and ‘cide-free* food onto your table.  Want to know what you’ll get? See our Details page.  Cost?  Same page.  Questions about how our farm works?  Read our FAQ–if it’s not answered there, ask in the form at the bottom.  Ready to sign up?  Pop to the Contract page.

Consider carefully if a FarmShare will work for you.  Can you commit to picking up your share each week on Thursday?  Do you have room for 1 or 2 frozen chickens in your freezer?  Will you consume 3 meals worth of vegetables weekly?  We want this to be a great experience for everyone, and we look forward to the partnerships that this season  will bring.

*‘Cides are the big bad three: petroleum based pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. All killers, and we don’t use ’em.  We also don’t use synthetic fertilizers.