Shannon Headshot6I’ve written an article for the Cowichan Valley Voice, and am trying to decide which photo to use in the author byline.  It seems a bit silly, feckless and vain, but I spent two hours looking for a decent headshot.  Part of the problem was that it needs to be a high resolution, and I apparently overwrote some of my better photos with lower DPI.  Bummer.

So I had to sift through years of photographs to find something that might work.  Too light?  Too dark?  Not big enough?  It’s only going to be about an inch square.  And black and white.

See which one you might like:

Shannon Headshot1


Shannon Headshot2


Shannon Headshot3


Shannon Headshot4


Shannon Headshot5


Shannon Headshot6






















It makes it obvious I have a lot of hats. And these are only some of the summer ones!

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