2017 Island Shire FarmShare (CSA) Details

What’s included?  In the basic Omnivore’s Delight:  Eggs.  Chicken.  Veggies.  And flowers.

From May 4 to October 12, 2017.  Thursdays are Pick-Up Day.

Item Start Date / Distribution Amount Cost per item


1 dozen eggs weekly* May 4 12 eggs 24 wks @ $5.25


6 broiler chickens Approx every 3-4 weeks Between 5.5 – 7.5 lbs $4.35 / lb, average


2 stewing chickens Spaced thru-out summer Great for soups or stews! $7.50 each bird


20 wks vegetables Starts in June 3-5 varieties weekly $13.75 / week average




 Installment plan available.

$15.00 discount if you pay by cash or cheque ! Click here for the Contract and Payment page.

That’s about $24.50 / week for succulent pastured protein and farm fresh veggies for 24 weeks! Plus you earn CHOICE CUSTOMER STATUS, which guarantees you weekly eggs until the end of April 2018, at current egg price (farm-fresh eggs get real scarce in the winter).

Half-shares are available:  weekly 6 eggs, half the veggies, half the # of chickens.  Or pick up a full bucket every other week.  $325.00

Garlic option available:  Order additional garlic for your share.

Avid Gardener option available:  Double up on the broilers!

Vegetarian option available:  Eggs, 50% more of the same vegetables, plus 14 weeks of additional Garlic.  $575.00

*You can order fewer than a dozen weekly eggs if you like.

Need more info?  Check out the Frequently Asked Questions.