Choice Customers: Why Be One?

The Island Shire advertises that our FarmShare Members become “Choice Customers.”  What is the advantage for you?

Because we guarantee that we will hold eggs for you all winter and spring.  You still purchase them weekly, but you know that when you come to the farm, there will be a dozen waiting for you.  You don’t have to compete with drive-by customers. Because you made a commitment to this farm, because you made a choice to become a FarmShare member, we make an egg commitment to you until the next FarmShare season starts.

In the winter, egg production in a small flock goes down significantly.  The reasons are many:

  1. It’s colder.
  2. It’s darker.
  3. Small farms don’t build expensive climate- and light-controlled buildings to trick the chickens into thinking it’s summertime.
  4. The birds run around outside, and they know good and well that it’s winter.
  5. The birds molt.  This is a natural process which we don’t force or avoid like big chicken farms do.

All these factors cause chickens to lay less, or to completely stop production.

So this is why I see arguments at the roadside stand when there is only one dozen out there and two cars stop at the same time…..

The BC Government doesn’t allow a small farm to exist only on egg sales.  Small farms have to also produce something else, like vegetables, fruits, or other livestock.

And that is why our Choice Customers, who also bought vegetables and broilers, are so important and special to the Island Shire.