wooden tomato cageWith the market starting this summer, I’m going to want to grow even more tomatos.  There are never enough of those addictive vine-ripened tomatoes!  What I can’t eat fresh, I’ll make into my special salsa, which there is also never enough of.

So I need to build another row of supports to hold up the heavy vines.

Tomato cage peakTwo winters ago, Son2 and I created a raft of peaks to install on top of my tomato cages.  I was ambitious:  I made way more than I had use for–at least at the time.  Now I’m really glad I have them, because they’ve been sitting around waiting patiently for me to construct more.

Screwing the legs onto the peak of the tomato cageFlat sides of tomato cagesAnd the time is now, while the weather is unpredictable and the soil is too wet.  I raided my scrap wood pile for sturdy-looking pieces at least six feet high–I love my scrap wood pile–so much better to use these odd sized pieces of wood rather than burn them!  I built eight sides using a straight line on the floor to keep everything square.

Then using “Clamp Technology,” as Son2 calls it, I connected two sides, this time using a wall edge to keep everything square.

Tomato cage on its way outHowever, I ran into a problem we didn’t have the last time we built these:  I couldn’t get them out of the building.  Last time there were no doorways in place, so I had to lay the cage down on its side and hope that they were sturdy enough to withstand the stresses.

I’m happy to report that they came through the doors with flying colours.

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