25¢ Discount for Pint Jars

No quarts or jelly jars!I’m always on the lookout for pint-sized canning jars.  My salsa recipe calls for this size exclusively, and I make a lot of salsa!

I love the idea of re-using jars.  It’s so much better than recycling.  Rather than throwing empty jars into the CVRD glass bins, re-use saves the energy needed to melt the glass and reshape it into new vessels.  As long as there are no chips in the edge, or cracks in the body of the jar, it’s good to go!

Quart jars are not useful for me, as most of the canning I do requires the small pint or half-liter.  So instead of pitching that canning jar into recycle, take it to my farmstand at Island Shire and exchange it for 25 cents off your next dozen eggs.  Just leave the jar near the coin box and I’ll find it.

pint jars various brandsWide-mouth or regular mouth PINT jars are fine. Any true canning jar brand is good–Bernardin, Kerr, Golden Harvest, Mason, Dominic (Domglass), or Ball–all of those brands are tested for strength and durability.  I can’t use jars that grocery store food comes in, unless it says Mason on it–and even those are often quarts.

See you at the farmstand!

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