Evolution of an Ad

Entwife:  I’ve spent the last week wrestling to get my Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) information onto this website.  This is the first season I’ve offered the CSA, after two years of learning the climate and my land, so I’m ramping up production on the farm, and putting communication infrastructure into place.

My CSA is a bit different than many, as it has fewer vegetables and more meat.  And eggs.  And flowers.  I get bored with the same old thing.

I’ve made some brochures and slip them into the egg cartons as advertising.  But this will not be enough–I need to reach a larger audience. And for this I need to get into print.

I’m going to advertise in the Cowichan Valley Voice, with a small business card size ad.  I’m springing the extra bucks to make it colour.  And  I have a designer in the person of Son2.  But he needs something to work from, generally something so bad that he gets his jollies from disrespecting it and changing it completely. I can’t upload it here to show how awful the first draft was, but it was something like this:

6 months of farm fresh                                 
chicken, eggs & vegetables                          
for $89 / month             

FAST access from Hwy 1, at Koksilah Rd.

Details at www.IslandShire.com


Son2’s first comment was “What, are you trying to sell used cars?  No on the cap / bold / italics on FAST.”  Husband wondered why we’re promoting FAST food here in Slow Food Country.

See?  I can’t win.  I suggested a coloured border, or a band of colour on the bottom enclosing the URL.  Son2 ignored me.
island shire adHis first attempt actually looked pretty darn good.  I wouldn’t have thought to use the logo as a background image.  Good use of the colour I’m paying for.

But we wondered if the print would fuzz out in the newsprint that the Valley Voice uses.

Island Shire final adSo he upped the size of the font, and later blurred out the background a bit to make the words pop better.

He declared this one good.


Car salesman adBut he felt he’d really nailed it with this one final change:

Smart aleck.



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